Learner's Permit

Attendance & Progress form for Learner's Permit

The State of Tennessee asks parents/guardians to provide a proof of school attendance and progress form (It's called the SF-1010 form) from a current Tennessee school or a letter from the school in your previous state that confirms your student's attendance and satisfactory progress during enrollment in that school. Please refer to the TN.gov Drivers Services website for more information on what you need to do for your student to get their Learner's Permit.

NSA provides two options in providing you this form:

Option 1: Have your student get an SF-1010 form from the Front Desk and fill it out. 

  • The form will need to be filled out in black ink with no errors or mess-ups.
  • The School System Name, Mailing address, County and Phone number need to be filled out as follows: 
    • School System Name: MNPS 
    • 2601 Bransford Ave
    • Nashville, TN 37210
    • Phone:615-259-4636
    • County: Davidson
  • Once the form is filled out, the Attendance Clerk will need to sign it and take a sheet out for our records before giving it back to the student to submit to the DMV.

Option 2: Fill out the SF-1010 form by downloading this copy.  Send the filled out copy to in email to [email protected] along with a valid email to return the signed copy.  It will then be signed and emailed it back to the email provided.

Please Note:

If the student is failing 2 or more classes at the time they need the form, it will not be signed.

If the student is considered truant at the time they need the form, it will not be signed.

This letter must be signed and dated by the principal, attendance clerk or guidance counselor no more than 30 days prior to your Tennessee application.