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NSA had 27 students that made MidState Choir for the 2022-2023 School Year. 15 students made All State, 3 students made All State Alternates, and 6 students made Freshmen Honors. Over 1400 students from Middle Tennessee auditioned for a spot in these choirs. NSA had 4 students that were first chair for their voice part. They had the highest score of anyone in their section from all of Middle Tennessee. This is such a testament to the dedication, discipline and work ethic of our choral students. Here is the list of these amazing students:
Chosen Mitchell - MidState, All State #1 Soprano 1
Lily Siress - MidState, All State
Dylan Masterson - MidState, All State
Ellanor Leatherwood - MidState, All State
Rox Davidson - MidState, All State, #1 Soprano 2
Emily Alexander - MidState
Peyton Barrett - MidState
Sarah Whitehead - MidState, All State
Anastasia Brame - MidState, All State
Emma Wynne - MidState, All State
Charleen Baleda - MidState, All State
Ella Claybrooks - MidState
Octavia Hilton - MidState, All State, #1 Alto 2
Elsa Kummer - MidState, All State
Liz Faria - MidState, All State
Max Alverson - MidState, All State Alternate
Kaiser Ponciroli - MidState
Cameron Poe - MidState, All State
Anderson Cates - MidState
Emoni Barnes - MidState
Jed Locke - MidState
Isaac Crouse - MidState, All State
Alex Tipping - MidState
Alex Moses - MidState, All State
Max Moses - MidState, All State Alternate
Jayden Murphy - MidState
Jack Frogge - MidState, All State Alternate
Sophie Dott - Freshmen Honors
Stacey Jiminez - Freshmen Honors
Ella Aberman - Freshmen Honors
Abigail Garcia - Freshmen Honors
Samuel Mendoza - Freshmen Honors, #1 Tenor
Parker Wallace - Freshmen Honors





Choral Audition Requirements to audition for the 2022-2023 school year:

Choral auditions can be done virtually or in-person on 2/12/2022 between 10am and 4pm.  In-person auditions are by appointment only. You can pick an appointment time when you are filling out the Optional Schools Application.

Audition Requirements:

• Sing the first verse of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” and practice singing it from memory.

• Sing a 1-2 minute excerpt from another song of your choice and sing it from memory. Bring sheet music for an accompanist to play, or a pre-recorded accompaniment track. Please note that NSA’s program is based on the classical vocal style, so it is better to choose a song that features you in a more classical sound. Popular songs are not appropriate audition choices.

If you choose to submit an audition virtually, record the same songs and send the videos to [email protected]  After Mr. Jacobs receives the video, he will email a link to do an interview over Zoom.

During your in-person audition, you will complete some or all of the following tasks:
• You will sing the first verse of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” from memory.
• You will sing 1-2 minutes of your chosen song excerpt from memory.
• You will be asked to sing scales or other vocal exercises.
• You will be asked to participate in vocal exercises to check your skill at matching pitch and repeating what you hear.
• You will be asked to sight-read pitches and/or rhythms from a score.

Evaluation for choral auditions will be based upon the following criteria:
• The prepared solo will be judged on intonation, pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, range, technique, expressiveness, and musical effect.
• Scales and arpeggios will be judged on intonation, pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, range, expressiveness, and musical effect.
• Evaluation of vocal exercises and sight-reading excerpts will be based on accuracy, not vocal quality.

Auditions may include an interview and/or writing sample to provide additional information about the student’s motivation, work ethic, and musical goals.