Welcome to the NSA Piano Conservatory's Page!

This conservatory is directed by Gayle Graening.

General Audition information can be found here.

Piano Audition requirements for auditioning for the 2022-2023 school year:

The Piano Program at Nashville School of the Arts is designed to prepare the student to study piano at the college level. The student will study a variety of styles and pieces from a classical repertoire in order to be prepared for a college audition.

Students interested in studying piano at Nashville School of Arts are encouraged to audition regardless of experience, level of accomplishment and previous piano study. Students placed into the program will be placed in a class according to ability level and music reading skills.

For the 22-23 school year application process, all auditions will take place virtually. Piano students are required to have a piano or keyboard at home.

Please consider the guidelines below when preparing for your audition:

Prepared Piece:

Students auditioning are expected to play at least one piece of music that demonstrates their technical accomplishments and musicianship. If possible please prepare two contrasting pieces- they may contrast in any way (tempo, articulation, style, etc). Prepared music should be pieces written for piano, not popular vocal tunes, and may be played from memory or with music.


Be prepared to play at least two Major Scales (hands together) that best demonstrates your technique. One octave scales are acceptable but scales of two to four octaves are recommended. If the student has not learned scales with a previous instructor this will be omitted from the audition.

Sight Reading:

Students will be asked to sight read one or more musical excerpts at their audition. The difficulty of the music will be determined by the level of accomplishment demonstrated by the above guidelines.

Recommendation Letter:

It is encouraged to bring a recommendation letter from a former or present teacher who can recommend you to the piano program at Nashville School of Arts.

The next step in the audition process is to make a short video of the student performing their piano selection.

This can be one or two songs (please refer to the audition guidelines above). The video should be five minutes or less and the student's hands should be visible. Please email the video file or link to the video (Youtube or Google Drive) to [email protected]

Last, you will need to fill out the Piano Audition Information Form.

Virtual interviews will be scheduled by Ms. Graening on an as needed basis.

Please make sure to complete the online application found at schooloptions.mnps.org before submitting your audition.