Visual Arts

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By becoming more aware of our environment, we can begin to notice opportunities for change. The Visual Art Conservatory at NSA is a program which heightens our students' awareness of themselves, their world and the role of art in society. Through a balance of technical training and the connection of ideas, we foster artists as well as discerning patrons for the future. Our program enhances our students’ capacity to question the world around them, to respond to it creatively and to effect great change.  


2024-2025 Visual Arts Audition  


Please note that visual arts is the most applied for conservatory at NSA. The conservatory teachers will not be replying back to notify receipt of audition materials. Instead, please utilize the form link below to notify us that audition materials have been submitted. If the teachers have not received the materials , they will then reach out to ask you to submit them again. *No audition materials should be submitted until an optional school application is completed.*

Visual Arts Submission Notification



2024 Middle Tennessee Scholastic Art Awards Announced

Several NSA students are being honored by 2024 Middle Tennessee Scholastic Art Awards. The exhibition will be hosted in the Cheekwood Frist Learning Center from February 3 - March 10. Gold Key works will be displayed physically Silver Key works will be displayed digitally.

Honorable Mention:
Brenden Pittman*
Lana Kottwitz
Joselyn Lara Garcia*
Ken Sorrow*
Mason Friddell
Sarah Thompson
Olly Ashurst
Paul Boyd
Beville Innis
Olive Ahlstrom*
Nana Alfaro
Fox Nelson
Angelina Bjerke
Carrigan Mitchell
Khloe Moore

Senior Portfolio: Ken Sorrow

Silver Key:
Fox Nelson
Skye Chambers
Sarah Thompson
Mason Friddell
Destinie Cosby
Sasha Martin
Ken Sorrow**
Betty Marsh
Joselyn Lara Garcia

Gold Key:
Max Caplenor
Ken Sorrow
Betty Marsh
Beville Innis


16th Annual Middle Tennessee Student Art Competition and Exhibition Winners Announced

The Visual Arts Conservatory is pleased to announce that there were 16 NSA students honored in the 16th Annual Middle Tennessee Student Art Competition and Exhibition. Please go see their work on display at the Parthenon, up until March 3.