Visual Arts

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By becoming more aware of our environment, we can begin to notice opportunities for change. The Visual Art Conservatory at NSA is a program which heightens our students' awareness of themselves, their world and the role of art in society. Through a balance of technical training and the connection of ideas, we foster artists as well as discerning patrons for the future. Our program enhances our students’ capacity to question the world around them, to respond to it creatively and to effect great change.  

2023-2024 Visual Arts Audition Information


School Options Process

Every student must complete the Optional Schools application to audition.

Please visit our enrollment page for more information on the optional schools process.




NSA Visual Arts students Destiny Sadler, Bre'anna Washington, and Cailtin "Fox" Nelson, as well as former NSA student Sheala Smartt, have been selected to showcase work in the 2023 Black Arts Bash at Cheekwood.

August 19, 9 AM - 9 PM - Exhibition Opening (food trucks, artist seminars, spoken word, etc.)

Exhibit runs through August 31.