How to Enroll at Nashville School of the Arts

Nashville School of the Arts High School is a Metropolitan Nashville Public Magnet School, which requires an optional school application to request to enroll. 

To learn more about MNPS Optional schools, visit the MNPS Optional Schools page for more information. To fill out an application for this current school year, please contact the Family Information Center.


Nashville School of the Arts students must be residents of Davidson County and need to be registered for MNPS schools before filling out the Optional Schools application.

To register your student in the Metro Nashville Public School system, you can visit one of the MNPS Enrollment Centers to register. You can find more information on registering on the District website.

  • If your student will be entering the 9th or 10th grade, you will simply fill out the Optional Schools application.
  •  If your student will be entering the 11th or 12th grade, you will need to upload a copy of your student's transcript as well as most recent report card to the online application or email that to [email protected]. You should be able to obtain a PDF version of both from your current school if you are already in the MNPS district.
    • If you don't have access to a digital copy of these documents, you can bring paper copies to the school or the district Family Information Center for help with getting them on the application. If that is not an option and you are currently an MNPS student, please email [email protected], and he will make arrangements to get it from the system on your behalf. Our counselors will make sure your student has the credits needed to graduate on time if attending our school. This process may take up to three days, so please allow 72 hours for the application to be approved or denied.

Getting Ready to Audition

You are able to audition for one or two areas. If you do choose to audition for two, please note you will have to indicate which is your first and second preference on the application. If accepted to both conservatories, you will be placed in the one specified as your first choice automatically.

Once the application has been filled out online or dropped off at the School Options Office on Bransford Avenue, a representative from NSA will then contact you with details of an open audition or to schedule an audition.

  • You can also see the audition information for each conservatory by reading the conservatory pages.
  • Please note late applicants, regardless of reason, are not guaranteed an audition.



Additional Information


Conservatory Audition Information

For more details on a specific audition, please go to our Conservatories Page or click below beside your Conservatory of interest below. Each Conservatory has a page with audition information on it. You can also go to our directory or click the names below to contact the conservatory director.

Conservatory Directors


After the Audition

Once you have auditioned, we follow the District School Choice calendar for the release of audition results. You will be able to see those results by logging back in to your online application but you should also receive an email notification sent to the email used to create the application itself.

If accepted, please don't miss the deadline for accepting your seat, please note you must do this online within 10 days from the School Options page. Any seats not accepted in time will be understood as a nonacceptance, and could be filled by other applicants on the wait list.

On the Waiting List?

If a student is waitlisted, this means that all of the seats in that conservatory are currently filled. If extra seats open, you will receive a notification to accept your seat at that time via the email used to create the application.